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  • French properties for sale or for rent
    Since 2001 Just France Sales and its real estate partners
    have been helping satisfied clients find good-value properties to buy
    in France. Whether your dream is to buy a French château,
    to buy an apartment in Paris or to buy a house in Provence,
    French real estate (especially acquiring an apartment in Paris)
    is a smart investment that combines lifestyle and sound financial planning.
  • Professional consultation services available.
    General consultation and specific advice on buying a house in
    France or an apartment in Paris are available through Just France Sales.
    Our Advisory Services range from consultation on the initial search process
    through final acquisition. Before signing a single piece of paper a buyer of a
    house or apartment for sale in France should our expert advice about the buying
    process, current price trends, and ownership, tax and inheritance issues.
  • Paris apartments in Paris near the Louvre

    Finding an Apartment to Buy in Paris

    Apartments for sale in Paris are not all created equal. If your goal
    is to find an apartment to buy in Paris, our Paris real estate partners
    and Paris property search services take you through the buying process
    from inception to acquisition. Just France Sales optimizes your chances
    of acquiring the ideal Paris apartment at the correct price.
  • Buy property in France; Get a Mortgage

    The Buying Process in France; Getting a Mortgage

    Buying a property in France is surprisingly simple, whether it be for an
    apartment in Paris, a farmhouse in Provence or Dordogne, or a village house
    on the Mediterranean coast. Likewise, getting a mortgage when you buy
    property in France is not difficult for buyers with good credit.
  • Luxury Apartments in Paris for sale

    Luxury Apartments for Sale in Paris

    Contrary to what you might expect in Paris real estate, tastefully renovated
    luxury apartments available for sale in Paris are few and far between. Many are
    offered only privately. Only a professional search service with long-standing
    contacts in Paris real estate market can make these hard-to-find apartments
    available to you.
  • Own history with property in France

    Owning Property in France Is Owning a Piece of History

    When you buy a farmhouse or château in the bucolic French countryside, you also
    acquire a piece of history. And you are able to lead la vie française - to truly
    participate in French culture, thereby opening up avenues to a fuller life and
    fuller realization of one's inner self.
  • Investing in Paris Real Estate

    Investing in Paris Real Estate

    Acquiring real estate in Paris offers a stable investment with a proven track record of
    a steady increase in value. Well-located Paris apartments available for sale but in
    need of renovation are especially good investments. There are no restrictions on
    foreigners purchasing a property in France.
  • French Châteaux for Sale

    French Châteaux for Sale

    Listings in the “French Châteaux for Sale” page of our website are but a few of the many
    châteaux available for sale in France. Currently there are many châteaux for sale in
    France - large or small, fully restored or in need of renovation, in the Loire Valley,
    near Paris or elsewhere. Let us know your search criteria for the château
    you want to acquire.
  • 2013 Paris Real Estate

    Paris Real Estate 2014

    2014 is a good year to enter the Paris real estate market, especially to buy a luxury
    apartment in Paris with classic architectural features. Prices are now more stable,
    buyers have more leverage, and mortgage rates are low. Investing in a Paris apartment has
    clear financial and lifestyle advantages.